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Mindoverpaws will help you raise a happy, peaceful, social and respectful pet.

We specialize in Pitbulls but offer training to any other kind of dog.

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We provide you and your furry friend with the necessary tools for a fun, loving and long-lasting relationship!

Call us at (914) 573-5737 or fill out our contact form and get started today!

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Lorem In partnership with Emster's Paws you can get training and dog walking packages all in one.

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Here at Mind Over Paws, our goal is to keep the dog with their family while teaching everyone how to understand each other’s needs and desires. We want everyone in the home to be happy, confident and peaceful! Your home is your tranquility, we want to help you achieve that! We will leave you with necessary tools for a long lasting fun and loving relationship.

Give us a call us at (914) 573-5737 or fill out our contact form for a FREE over the phone interview and consultation.